Embarrassing: Pro-Abortion Writer Steps On A Rake Trying To Checkmate Pro-lifers

Posted: Apr 20, 2018 5:14 PM

Well, since the Kevin Williamson fiasco at The Atlantic, there’s been some more discussion about abortion, political correctness, and conservatives being silenced. Williamson was hired by the magazine, but fired after only one column after the progressive social media mob went apoplectic about his views that women who have abortions should be charged with a capital crime and face the death penalty. It’s not hard. He believes abortion is murder. In some states, people get the death penalty for murder. He does not think that should apply now, as abortion is not considered murder. It’s just a view. It won’t bite, except liberals think that they do. In the end, The Atlantic front office pretty much said that Williamson’s demeanor or his pro-life views weren’t the reason for his firing, but the intensity of them was at odds with the “values of our workplace.” So, if Williamson decided to become a political whore and just flip-flop to being a pro-abort, he probably would still have a job. Alas, he’s thankfully not any of those things. He’s a principled conservative. Well, with Williamson and abortion back on the docket of discussion topics, we have Jennifer Wright of Harper’s Bazaar, who was blunt and straightforward: abortion is not murder, even if the pro-choice side concedes a fetus is a human life. 

Abortion is not murder.

Even if we granted the most generous possible terms to the anti-abortion camp, even if we pretended the fetus was fully rational and contemplating Shakespeare in the womb, like an Ian McEwan character, abortion would still not be murder.

In large part, that’s because anti-abortionist’s argument hinges upon the notion that life is always sacred and ought never be taken. That is not the way the world operates.


If you think “okay, but that only happens to poor women” well, no, but low income women do face greater risks. That is one reason that denying women the right to abortion is a kind of class warfare. Seventy-three percent of women seeking abortions do so because they’re financially unready to have a child. Legal abortions are considerably safer than childbirth. So, if you believe in abortion only in cases where it endangers the life of the mother, well, welcome to America, one of the few countries where the maternal death rate is on the rise. Pregnancy always endangers the life of a mother. a

Even if a pregnancy is healthy and relatively free of complications, it’s a grueling process.

We rarely talk about how difficult pregnancy can be. Socially, we often opt to talk about how “pregnancy is a beautiful experience”. But the notion that pregnancy is just this carefree experience doesn’t take into account the vomiting, the gestational diabetes, hemorrhoids, bowel problems, incontinence, or any of the common complications that follow pregnancy and birth. Even if you are blessed with an easy pregnancy, some reports say as many as 95 percent of first-time mothers experience vaginal tearing. You’d think that the likelihood of lacerations that require stitches around your genitals alone would discount the rhetoric that a woman can easily just have a baby and put it up for adoption.

Well, my birth mother did before she put me up for adoption; go through this odyssey of misery that one could argue perfectly encapsulates the feminist aversion to motherhood. Whatever the case, I have no opinion about that. Wright lays out the pro-choice agenda, but then took to twitter to elaborate further. This is where she stepped on a rake.

“Anti-abortionists who refuse to see any difference between a fetus and a child must be very understanding if they ask for chicken and you give them a plate of eggs,” she tweeted. Yeah, who wants to tell her? She wrote a lengthy post that touched on the anti-abortion movement’s supposed shoddy handle on science, but seemed to forget that eggs need to be fertilized.