Even CNN Agrees: IG Report On Lyin' McCabe Is Terrible And He Had To Go

Posted: Apr 16, 2018 4:30 PM
Even CNN Agrees: IG Report On Lyin' McCabe Is Terrible And He Had To Go

On Friday, the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report on ex-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was released. It was scathing. It was damning. It was what we all expected it to be. McCabe was fired for lying to investigators and signing off on an unauthorized media leak to The Wall Street Journal about the tension between DOJ and FBI over the Clinton Foundation probe. It was warranted. This was not a Trump White House recommendation either. The Office of Professional Responsibility also recommended that McCabe be given the axe, which he did hours before he was about to retire and claim a multi-million dollar pension.

Let’s just say this. For once, CNN was able to agree that what Andrew McCabe did was terrible, lying under oath (three times), and he should be fired. Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent James Gagliano took McCabe to the woodshed over his lies, saying he deserved to be fired. From probationary agents out of Quantico to the Deputy Director and beyond within the agency, there has to be the same standard. If you lie, you’re gone. Period. Gagliano also noted that a nonpartisan Obama-appointed IG, who unlike his colleagues did not make his decisions based on politics, conducted this investigation.

Another thing this IG report re-confirmed (again) was that the Clinton Foundation was, indeed, under investigation.

Here’s a partial thread of the IG report: