They're Coming For Them: One-Third Of Democrats Want To Repeal Second Amendment

Posted: Apr 13, 2018 3:30 PM

Another day, another poll, and yet another example that the Left wants to repeal the Second Amendment. The anti-gun Left has tried to bury this aspect of the discussion. They say they don’t want to confiscate guns; all they want is so-called common sense gun reforms, like expanded background checks (i.e. the foundation for a registry— you can’t fully track all transfers without one), magazine limits, which bar the transfer or sale of a lot of handguns on top of so-called military-style rifles, and a ban on so-called assault weapons, which has taken the form of confiscation for some parts of the country. In Deerfield, Illinois, law-abiding gun owners have until June to turn over their firearms to local authorities, transfer them out of the village limits, or destroy them. Non-compliance is a $250-1,000/day fine. You can’t live here if you own a firearm—that’s grossly unconstitutional. In Oregon, there’s a push for a ballot initiative that has similar motives: ban assault weapons and those who own them have to register them, destroy them, turn them over to the authorities, or transfer them out of the state. Yet, throughout this anti-gun offensive, the Left says they don’t want to repeal the Second Amendment, and any discussion is just right wing paranoia.

Yeah, except that there have been polls calling for the Second Amendment’s repeal, so obviously it’s part of the debate; a debate the Left will lose…again. In a new Quinnipiac poll, one-third of Democrats support the amendment’s repeal.

On top of this, 82 percent of Democrats want a ban on semi-automatic firearms. That’s a gun ban. This is laid out quite clearly in the new bill House Democrats have put forward after the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which bans the sale, production, transfer, or importation of rifles and handguns that hold more than ten rounds. This is legislation that could breath new life should Democrats retake the House in the upcoming elections.

We’re not paranoid, folks. We’re not crazy. We heard the Left just right: they’re coming for the Second Amendment and our civil rights. This isn’t gaslighting. It’s an actual agenda item.