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I’ve said this before: even a broken clock is right twice a day. In the case of Hillary Clinton, former Obama State Department spokesperson Marie Harf, who is now a Fox News Contributor, is right that she needs to go away. At the same time, having Hillary stick around surely gets the Republican base energized. She is our favorite punching bag. I think the GOP is going to miss Hillary when she does finally head off into the sunset, but for now—the former secretary of state and her minions are still whining about 2016. In India, not only did Hillary say I lost, but I won the places that matter and Middle America is full of irredeemable, backwards rural folk, but she also said that white married women are all but slaves to their husbands who vote the way they do. So, once you get married, you’re out of the club. Feminism card revoked upon matrimony. You’re now a drone for the so-call patriarchy; a traitor to the sisterhood of the traveling pants. There seems to be more issues that cast you out of American liberalism if you don’t toe the line than those that tolerate your position in it. Maybe that’s why these people are so miserable.

Harf noted that while it’s hard for her to say this to the first woman nominated by a major party for president, it’s time for Hillary to pack it up. She’s not helping. Democrats are outperforming her in the past special elections that we’ve seen, albeit some of those races had miniscule turnout, like the state-based contests, which makes proper analysis difficult. Harf made these remarks of Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace on March 18 (via RCP):

CHRIS WALLACE: Marie, is it just me or is that kind of a curious analysis from a feminist that women -- white, married women were browbeaten by the men around them?

MARIE HARF: Yes, you're right. And she should go away. I hate to say that. I really do. The first female nominee of a major party has an historical, you know, role certainly and the right to speak up. She is not helping the Democratic Party. And I think she should take a very long vacation and leave the future of the party to other people.

I think the future of the party is not with her. And the clearest indication of that is the fact that in the 20 special elections that have taken place so far in 2018, Democrats on averaged have gotten 24 more points than she did. The party of the future is not Hillary Clinton's party. And I get why she wants to keep explaining it, but it is not --

WALLACE: You say you get why she's explaining -- what's going on here? Do you think it's just bitterness? Do you think she's just a sore loser?

HARF: You know, I wouldn't use that term. But I think this was a hard-fought competition.

[KARL] ROVE: I would.

HARF: And I think most people, including most Republicans, didn't think she was going to lose. So I'm not going to psychoanalyze why she keeps giving excuses for it. And there's probably a time and place for that.

But it's not what Mitt Romney did. It's not what John Kerry did. It's not what Al Gore did. And if your goal is to help the party and help us understand how to get white working class men and women back in the Midwest, this is not helpful to that cause.

Liberal Democrats will continue to moan that we’re stuck talking about 2016, and that Hillary should go away—though I think the former is the one they would most complain about. Hillary is not around, stop attacking her, GOP. Yeah, well, then why does she keep inserting herself into the discussion, which ultimately leads to her shocking loss to Donald Trump in 2016? If Democrats were serious, at least they would tell her to go away. You lost. You’re finished. It’s time for fresh blood to fill a horrifically thin bench for the 2020 election. Yeah, I know there are a lot of names; no one knows these people. Who knows Cory Booker? Kirsten Gillibrand—if there are 100 people past the Catskill Mountains who know her I’ll buy y’all a round of beers. 

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