Florida School Shooting Survivor: Yeah, I Hung Up On Trump White House

Posted: Mar 05, 2018 1:00 PM

Well, we’re about to enter week three of “destroy the Second Amendment, and as usual it’s exhausting. It’s tiring to see the liberal media show clips of an AR-15 rifle’s firepower; only to actually see that the firearm featured is a shotgun. It’s exhausting to hear the endless Moms Demand talking points, the pervasive failure to grasp basic firearms facts and terms by the media, and the outrage mobs forcing companies to cut ties with the National Rifle Association. Yet, this is all as expected. The Left will push for gun control and they’ll fail. They can have all the marches they want. They’ll fail. And I will bet a) Marco Rubio will be re-elected in 2022; and b) any candidate who gets challenged over NRA ties will survive. The country is not liberal. Yes, heavily Democratic Broward County gave NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) a tongue-lashing during CNN’s town hall event on February 21; that’s not representative of the country.  Oh, and the polls—well, if the media can’t get the terms right, be suspect about how these questions for gun control measures are framed. I guarantee if people knew semiautomatic meant pretty much every firearm in the country—support would sink faster than the Lusitania. 

Yet, for now, there’s a force field that’s protecting the anti-gun push—and that’s because the face of the movement are the survivors of the Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School shooting on February 14. Shooter Nikolas Cruz killed 17 that day. It was avoidable. State officials missed acting upon the red flags, so did local law enforcement, and so did the FBI. The system and the laws within that system could have stopped this shooting; we were saddled with incompetent people at the helm. Still, the focus is on guns, and Cameron Kasky and David Hogg are two of the quarterbacks in this movement. On Friday, the two stopped by HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, where we found out that Hogg hung up on a call from the Trump White House; they had wanted their participation in a presidential listening session (via RCP):

David Hogg and Cameron Kasky are two co-founders of 'Never Again MSD' and are helping to organize the 'March For Our Lives' anti-gun demonstration set for March 24 in Washington. Since the shooting, Kasky has appeared on 'Face The Nation' and the Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about the movement. Kasky was also was featured in CNN's town hall last week, where he demanded Marco Rubio stop taking money from the NRA. Hogg has appeared several times on CNN and Fox News, and even had a Twitter fight with Alex Jones. 

"We don’t respect people just because we have to," Kasky told Bill Maher about his interaction with Rubio at the town hall. "We don’t respect you just because you have 'senator' in front of your name... And Mr. Rubio, if you don’t believe me, watch the news."

Hogg said he "hung up on the White House the other day" when he received a call to attend President Trump's own listening session on gun violence last week. He called the timing of the invitation "very offensive considering the fact that there were funerals the next day, there was mourning we still had to do" and also said that he expected Trump to come to the listening session hosted by CNN if he wanted to talk. 

"They called me the day before the listening sessions and asked if we were going to come. I said I'm not coming because we expect President Trump to come to the CNN town hall... I ended on this message with them. I said, ‘We don’t need to listen to President Trump. President Trump needs to listen to the screams of the children and the screams of this nation,’” Hogg said about his call from the White House.

In stroking the two’s egos, Maher said he never knew young kids were this smart, articulate, and able to present themselves eloquently to the rest of the nation. Yeah, they may be all that, but they’re still wrong. Then again, they’re liberal. They’re anti-gun; they’ll have the run of the table of media hits, op-eds, and plenty of outlets to push their agenda, which is almost a carbon copy of the major gun control groups in America, including the Democratic Party. Yeah, I’m sure this is all a coincidence, right? No, of course, these kids are getting a crash course in left wing political activism from their donors. They’re fair game now—and those who support this country, freedom, the Constitution, and the Second Amendment should start to push back forcefully. If they can carry themselves this well after an unspeakable tragedy, they can handle being called out for peddling anti-gun nonsense, such as the one in which the NRA, one of the nation’s oldest civil rights organizations, is smeared as child killers. On the other hand, these kids will be responsible for two things: increased gun sales and a boost in NRA memberships. Both sides will double down—as they should. There is no room for compromise. We both know each other’s positions. 

Eighty-two percent of Democrats support banning all semiautomatic firearms. That’s a virtual gun ban. And that confiscatory ethos was fraught at the CNN town hall and in the pages of the current gun control politics authored by the Democratic Party. Should this be about kids, school safety, and preventing these incidents from happening? Sure. Yes—it should be, but this is politics. This is about Democrats and Republicans. This is about conservatives and liberals. The parties are an identifier of how this country should be, not just on policy, but culturally as well. The fight over gun rights/gun control is a culturally based fight, therefore, a fight over the soul of the United States of America. These are always slugfests.

These kids hung up on the president of the United States because they don’t feel the need to respect people because they have to.  Fair—but everyone else sees this as just adding another notch in the left wing political activist belt. And I’m going to say that’s exactly why this was done. 

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