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WaPo Conservative: An Extra $75 From This Tax Bill Is Nothing For Working Class Families

Well, our friends at Twitchy caught this torching of The Washington Post’s Jen Rubin, the publication’s so-called conservative blogger. She slammed First Daughter Ivanka Trump for touting the recent tax reform bill that is slated to become law. Yet, where she really hit the guardrail was when she decided to mock the projected extra $75a minimum wage worker will receive under this plan:


She’d like to tout the child tax credit, but that, too, is less than advertised. Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who championed the child tax credit, came on board with very little inducement. “Rubio and Lee didn’t get the biggest change they wanted, which was to apply the credit to low-wage workers’ entire income. Under their proposal, a minimum-wage worker making $14,500 would get a $494 tax credit; under the current bill, she’ll get only $75, according to the liberal Center [on] Budget and Policy Priorities.”


Seventy-five bucks would probably cover Trump’s lunch tab at her father’s club, but really does nothing for those low-income families.

If Trump cared to do her homework, she wouldn’t say objectively false things. She wouldn’t treat the pittance that Republicans gave to poor families as a grand accomplishment. Then again, perhaps she has learned at her father’s knee to be a flim-flam artist, a con woman and an entitled child of wealth who looks out for herself and only herself. Those who thought that she’d bring smarts, empathy and reason to the White House sure missed the mark.

Yeah, $75 goes a long way for working class families, which was pointed out by multiple people who read this piece.


Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher), which is a good follow on Twitter, was fighting liberals who were mocking the whole notion about how cutting taxes is good, and how what money is projected to be put into Americans’ pockets goes a long way. I know, par for the course on the former, though still hilariously entertaining to watch some on the Left have an utter meltdown over workers getting a taxes cut, but the latter shows the liberal bubble. For example, in one exchange, Jordan aptly noted ways in which $80 or even $18/week in a tax cut, can still make a difference. Part of the liberal hysteria is that the tax bill guts a core provision of Obamacare—the individual mandate—and anything to chip away at Obama’s legacy is considered apocalyptic. Part of it is just plain where the Democratic Party is right now geographically: coastal and urban (and condescending and utterly insufferable). And the last part is just plain Trump Derangement Syndrome. They want this guy to fail. Well, in that endeavor, they risk, as they’ve been doing for months now, overreaching. 


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