CNN Grills Dem Congressman On Why He's Being An Insufferable Man-Child About Trump And Sessions

Posted: Nov 16, 2017 2:35 PM

Well, if there’s someone who might be gunning for the most insufferable liberal award this year, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) is a prime candidate. The California Democrat decided to go on a rampage against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, mocking his appearance and calling him a liar. CNN’s Poppy Harlow and John Berman grilled the congressman if this was—you know—the mature thing to do. Lieu offered a weak sauce answer. Pretty much he blames Trump; he says he’s using the language that Trump uses in his social media accounts to fight back. That’s cute. One, Lieu will never have a Trump-level impact social media—ever. Two, Trump is president, Lieu is not; and acting like a California liberal isn’t brave—it’s expected. Last, besides pockets of liberals who might get off on this act of middle school Twitter play, what does this accomplish other than showing you’re a total man-child throwing a temper tantrum? It just shows you that this election continues to drive people nuts. Trump is president. Sessions is attorney general. We won; you lost. Get the hell over it. Oh, on a side note, if Democrats think this evidence-free Russian collusion story is going to oust Trump, they’re sadly mistaken.

Sessions delivered testimony this week to Congress to answer more questions related to the congressional probe into possible Russian collusion during the 2016 election. 

Via Free Beacon:

"To prejudge his testimony, I mean, your tweets about him being a liar were before he even appeared in front of you," Harlow said. "Why is that appropriate? Why prejudge him?"

Sessions seemed to say the hearing was unnecessary because from his perspective, it was an established fact Sessions previously lied under oath.

"Because he lied to [the] U.S. Senate," Lieu said. He continued his accusation that Sessions lied to Congress during his confirmation hearings, an accusation Sessions vehemently denied. Lieu also justified the words he used to describe Sessions by saying they were ones President Donald Trump had used.

Harlow and Berman did not accept Lieu's answers.

"But does that make it right?" Harlow said. "Do you like seeing the president use words like that, like ‘lying Ted,’ so then you repeat them?"

"I am absolutely highlighting it, and until the president changes, I am going to keep doing it because I do want to highlight how ridiculous it is," Lieu said.

"Is that a grownup thing to do, Congressman?" Berman asked.

"So remember when Michelle Obama had that beautiful line, right, ‘when they go low we go high?’ My view is when they go low, we fight back, and I'm going to fight back," Lieu said.

Keep that popcorn coming because California liberals are bound to serve up more idiocy.