USA Today: You Can Put A Chainsaw Bayonet On An AR-15 Rifle (Or What In The Fresh Hell Is This?)

Posted: Nov 08, 2017 5:30 PM

Look—I get it. When it comes to the liberal media, firearms, and gun control, it’s not about the truth. It’s all about following the playbook. It’s about keeping the narrative alive, even when it’s a drooling vegetable. In this case, the playbook had someone drop acid because we’re off to Pluto with this latest AR-15 video from USA Today. Apparently, “chainsaw bayonets” are a thing to attach to an AR-15 rifle. I’ll say that again—chainsaw bayonets. Look, Gears of War is a great game, but it’s not reality. To add insult to injury, the publication added a “clarification.”

We’re back on attacking AR-15s again after Devin Kelley attacked a church on Sunday in Sutherland Springs, Texas, outside of San Antonio. It was horrific. Twenty-six people were dead, with another twenty wounded. Kelley was an Air Force veteran who was given a “bad-conduct” discharged in 2014. He was court martialed for domestic violence against his wife and stepson in 2012 and given a yearlong prison sentence, but that conviction as never forwarded to the FBI, which allowed him to purchases four firearms, including an AR-15 rifle. He also escaped a New Mexico mental institution in 2012 and tied to smuggle weapons onto Holloman Air Force base. There was a foul-up. This shooting might have been prevented, but thank God for Stephen Willeford, an NRA member, who engaged and stopped Kelley from committing more murders. Yeah, that’s another aspect that killed the NRA is evil narrative that tried to be ginned up by the Left.

But seriously, USA Today—chainsaw bayonets. You guys were good on the skepticism concerning minimum wage hikes, but this is ludicrous.  

And yes, it should be mocked.