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Bloomberg's Minions Dump Another $700,000 In Virginia Elections

With the Virginia gubernatorial race, the anti-gun Left is making another major cash dump into the race, with Bloomberg’s umbrella groups giving Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring around $700,000 into those races to ensure a victory. This is the second invasion from the Everytown crowd, who tried to flip the Virginia state Senate in 2015 and failed. Northam is the anti-gun Left’s dream candidate, who supports a ban on so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines (via WaPo):

Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, the political arm of one of the nation’s largest gun control groups, is pouring an additional $700,000 into Virginia elections.

The organization announced Monday it would donate $400,000 to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam and $300,000 to Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring’s re-election bid in the final two weeks before election day.

That comes on top of an earlier $1 million dollar commitment from the organization bankrolled by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Gun control was thrust into the spotlight of the Virginia governor’s race after a gunman killed at least 58 during a country music festival in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Northam, the state’s lieutenant governor, reiterated his call to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. He also wants universal background checks and to restore Virginia’s one-gun-a-month purchase limits, which Republicans had overturned.

Everytown has already spent some big money on Northam and Herring, giving the lieutenant governor $450,000, including a $250,000 mailing effort. Herring also received $300,000 from Everytown. The race is a dead heat between Northam and Republican candidate Ed Gillespie. 

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