Keep Walking: Gov. Scott Walker Announces He's Gunning For A Third Term In Wisconsin

Posted: Oct 18, 2017 1:43 PM

Well, it’s official. In the first week of November, Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker will announce he’s running for a third term as governor. In a video, Walker touts increased access to health care, rising tests scores and graduations rates, balanced budgets, budget surpluses, and an economy that’s open to business. As a result of balancing the state’s financial books, Walker noted he was able to cut taxes--$8 billion worth—for Wisconsin residents. Yet, more needs to be done (via WMTV, NBC15):

Gov. Scott Walker says he plans to formally announce his re-election bid the week of Nov. 6.

Walker's plans to run for a third term have been well known, as he's been raising money and taking steps to mount the campaign ever since he dropped out of the presidential race in the fall of 2015.

Walker released a new online campaign video Wednesday that touts his record but says more needs to be done. He followed that up with a fundraising email where he said he will launch the campaign the week of Nov. 6.

Eight Democrats have said they are running to take him on, while several others are considering getting it the race.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel provided the names of the potential Demcoratic candidates:

A number of Democrats are lining up against Walker, including: state schools Superintendent Tony Evers; Milwaukee businessman Andy Gronik; Rep. Dana Wachs of Eau Claire; Sen. Kathleen Vinehout of Alma; political activist Mike McCabe; and former state Democratic chairman Matt Flynn.

Several other Democrats are considering a run, including: businessman Kurt Kober, firefighter union President Mahlon Mitchell and former state Rep. Kelda Helen Roys of Madison.

It’s a crowded field.

Recently, FoxConn announced they’ve selected Wisconsin to be the state where their new plant will be located. It’s a $10 billion project that will create some 3,000 jobs initially. If growth is strong, it has the potential to generate upwards of 13,000 jobs.

In 2011, Walker rose to prominence with conservatives with his Act 10 initiative to reform the collective bargaining rules with public union in the state. It elicited a strong response from the Left. It prompted a recall election that ended with Walker winning more votes in the 2012 contest than his 2010 gubernatorial bid. It was also the only recall election in which a sitting governor was not booted from office.

Republicans hold two-thirds of the governorships going into the 2018 midterms and Walker has always been someone the Left has been eager to kick out of the governor's mansion. 

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