Hillary On Russian Interference: What Happened To Me Was A 'Cyber 9/11'

Posted: Oct 17, 2017 1:09 PM
Hillary On Russian Interference: What Happened To Me Was A 'Cyber 9/11'

You know it’s been months since she lost the election, but Hillary Clinton always seems to find ways to complain about her loss, blame other people, and refuse to take responsibility. It’s all on her, but we all know that. Recently, the former first lady and two-time presidential loser said that what Russia did during the 2016 campaign was the equivalent of a “cyber 9/11” (via Free Beacon):

Hillary Clinton said Sunday evening that Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election was an incident of such magnitude and overall consequence that it equated to a "cyber 9/11."

The twice-defeated presidential candidate is currently on tour to promote her book, What Happened, and was speaking at the Southbank Centre's London Literature Festival when she made the comparison, BuzzFeed News reported.

"We have a really well-respected security, intelligence veterans saying this was a ‘cyber 9/11' in the sense that it was a direct attack on our institutions," Clinton said. "That may sound dramatic but we know that they probed and tried to intrude into election systems—not just the social media propaganda part of their campaign."

On her tour, Clinton made several references to Russian interference in the 2016 election, including key moments during the campaign where she believes the intrusions assisted Trump in winning the presidency.

Seriously, lady; you’re comparing your 2016 loss to a terrorist attack? Once again, we’re back to these simple truths. Voters didn’t like you—they still don’t like you, you were viewed as untrustworthy, inauthentic, and you wrote off half the country’s voters, calling them deplorable. You didn’t campaign in Michigan and Wisconsin, despite calls from Democratic colleagues, like Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI), warning you that the state was in play. Moreover, Bernie Sanders won Wisconsin and Michigan during the Democratic primaries, another red flag that you should be aggressive in these states, and that white working class voters were souring on you quickly. The private email server was a fiasco, and the one thing that you called your most important mistake—but you keep circling back to blaming the FBI, the media, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, the DNC, and, of course, the Russians for killing your presidential ambitions. No, it’s just that you were unlikable and you were a bad campaigner. You were always a bad campaigner. Defeating Rick Lazio and NY GOP candidates is not really a test of political skill. In New York, all you need is a “D” next to your name to win. It’s all about the candidate and not even the power of the Clinton political machine was able to wipe away the weaknesses of Hillary.

Recently, Clinton took a little tumble in London, twisting an ankle and breaking a toe. I’m sure the Russians were at fault for that too (via Fox News):

Hillary Clinton apparently fell and injured her foot on Monday during her overseas book tour, prompting her to cancel or delay interviews with British journalists -- before resurfacing on a BBC program.

As with previous Clinton health scares, the details are a bit unclear.

As one host called out Clinton for missing an interview, her spokesman initially said she “twisted her ankle.” He tweeted a picture of Clinton wearing a special boot during a separate appearance on the BBC’s “Graham Norton Show.”

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