NYT Video Content Editor: I Used To Be In Antifa

Posted: Oct 10, 2017 1:40 PM

Project Veritas is kicking off their new series of videos targeting the news media with a rather odd investigation involving a New York Times video content editor, Nick Dudich, who claimed to be the godson of former FBI Director James Comey. If true, this would have been a gross conflict of interest and a violation of the Times’ ethical guidelines barring staff from reporting or making news decisions based on family members. Dudich claimed to have a hand in every video pushed out by the Times. Yet, this seems to be too good to be true, so Veritas tracked down Dudich’s father and he denied Comey was a godfather in their family.

Dudich later admitted that he lied about Comey being his godson. There were also other odd discussions in this investigation, notably that he was a member of Antifa, that he punched neo-Nazis, started confrontations, and it was all done as an intelligence gathering operation. He admitted that some members were involved in domestic terrorism, which the Department of Homeland Security noted in 2016.

The point of the video, which is something that conservatives have known for awhile, is that people, like Dudich, are everywhere in the news media. What’s more, he claims to be the “gatekeeper” for all videos at the Times. He also said how he had to leave his job at ABC Fusion to work at Upworthy in order to work for the Clinton campaign. He also worked on the Obama campaign as well. The reason for the shift is that he wasn’t considered a journalist while at Upworthy, which allowed him to skirt the ethical guidelines.

Project Veritas: And you’re going to be helping with the Times, right?

Nick Dudich, The New York Times Audience Strategy Editor: Yeah

PV: Cool. Thank you.

Dudich: I will be “objective.” No I’m not. That’s why I’m there [at the NYT]. Like, after the Clinton campaign, I’m like, no I need to get back into the news and keep doing s**t because—like, this isn’t going to change

“The fact remains that Nick Dudich lies, and he's a gatekeeper at the New York Times. And that fact should be worrisome to the bosses at the paper of record. If the Times can’t sniff out people like Nick Dudich—journalists with such questionable integrity and character, who else are they letting spread disinformation in their name? Or is this more systemic?” asked Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe. We’ll know in the next video as PV goes deeper into the Times.