Trump: I'll Veto Sanders' Single-Payer Curse Before It Could Ever Hurt The American People

Posted: Sep 15, 2017 9:01 AM

Well, we all know that Sen. Bernie Sanders is pushing single payer health care. The self-described democratic socialist is committed to making this a reality. Yet, the reality, as we’ve seen from countries that have adopted this health care system, is that patient wait times are astronomically long, the quality of care is dismal, the expenditures are immense, and access to specialists is reduced to curb costs. In some European countries, doctors actually went on strike since their pay was being reduced as a cost-cutting measure. Taxes will go up for everyone, not just the rich—everyone including the working poor. We will shell out more money for reduced access to specialized care, drugs, and other procedures, but everyone will be covered. I don’t think voters will find that to be a palatable result.

Even The Washington Post editorial board noted the initiative’s insane price tag. Yet, the Democrats are going to play the long game on this issue. The silver lining is that Republicans control Congress, this bill from Sanders isn’t going anywhere, and now even Trump has weighed in—saying he will veto this curse before it could ever become law in the U.S.

“Bernie Sanders is pushing hard for a single payer healthcare plan - a curse on the U.S. & its people,” tweeted President Trump. “I told Republicans to approve healthcare fast or this would happen. But don't worry, I will veto because I love our country & its people.”