MSNBC Morning Joe: It Seems Democrats Have A Genetic Predisposition To Offend Centrists

Posted: Sep 01, 2017 2:03 PM

MSNBC’s Morning Joe again trashed Democrats for their inability to get out of the neutral position. They have made some movement on the recruitment front, though not enough to say the Democratic brand has recovered, a position which was met with agreement from co-host Joe Scarborough.

“Booing and hissing at Trump is not a brand,” said co-host Mika Brzezinski. “Big ideas and big personalities behind them and a strategy is what we need desperately anyhow.”

Also, a message of being inclusive, which was a point added by Joe Scarborough, who said that when he mentions that—people email him, or tweet at him, to say he’s being a racist. Yes, in the Democratic Party, to say that you want a message that unites everyone, that’s somehow very problematic. The co-host added the Democrats have to stop with the “balkanization of America.”

Guest Charlie Sykes, a conservative radio host from Wisconsin, added every time you think the Democrats might get back to basics and return to a more moderate stance on issues, they take a hard left turn on health care (i.e. single-payer) and doubling down on identity politics.

“It’s almost like there’s something genetically, like they have to offend centrists; make it more toxic” he added..

On top of that, the Democratic Party’s 2020 candidate search is another spectacle. The party has to wade through the kiddie pool or geezer world to find someone who could challenge Trump in two years. On one hand, there is youth and potential with the younger crop, albeit a small one, but there’s no notoriety. The geriatric brigade has name recognition and experience, though that’s not what the liberal base wants in the hyper progressivism era of political correctness, trigger warnings, and economically illiterate policies.