CNN's Jake Tapper: Obama Said Falsehoods And Got Away With It

Posted: Aug 15, 2017 5:00 PM
CNN's Jake Tapper: Obama Said Falsehoods And Got Away With It

At times, CNN’s Jake Tapper gets a bad reception from conservatives that’s not entirely fair. His employer is a constant target for President Trump and his supporters. Yes, CNN’s reporting on the Trump presidency certainly has had its moments, but Tapper is one of the more even-keeled anchors. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the host noted how he read everything he can get his hands on, from both left and right publications. While he noted that journalists have to stand for the truth, facts, and human decency, he also admitted that Barack Obama made many false statements and got away with it because of the media’s liberal bias [bold text indicates Rolling Stone]:

What has covering President Trump taught you about yourself?

It's forced me to come up with an ethos of covering politicians that I think I had been using before but had never voiced – which is that journalists have to take stands on behalf of facts, truth and basic human decency. I'm happy to cover him on policy debates as I would any other politician, but when he crosses the line and says things that aren't true, it's incumbent on journalists to point that out. We can't normalize behavior that is unacceptable, like making fun of disabled people.


There's a perception you've become more radical given your decision to call out Trump's falsehoods, but maybe it's just that people are simply more aware of it now.

A lot of people on the left didn't like it before, and now they like it. I don't want to compare President Obama and President Trump on these issues because they're different and the scale isn't even remotely the same. But President Obama said things that weren't true and got away with it more for a variety of reasons, and one is the media was much more supportive of him. The Obama White House thought I was self-righteous and a huge pain in the ass.

Well, that’s par for the course for the liberal media. They still haven’t gotten over their love affair with Obama.