Wait–This Australian Cafe Has A 'Man Tax'?

Posted: Aug 09, 2017 6:00 PM

Well, if you’re venturing to the land down under and want to grab a cup of coffee, avoid Café Handsome Her. They have an 18 percent “man tax,” where males pay higher for the cost of goods at the shop. Katelyn Caralle at the Washington Free Beacon had more on this hot fresh cup of hell:

Handsome Her's manager, Belle Ngien, said that donations are collected one week every month and given to women's charities. The first charity is Elizabeth Morgan House Aboriginal Women's Services, which focuses on family violence against women and children.

"All we really wanted was to raise awareness and start conversations about the gender gap," Ngien told CNN.

CNN noted that a government report found that in Australia men earn on average 17.7 percent more than women for full-time work. The outlet added "the difference is roughly the same in the United States."

Oh, and Caralle said the 18 percent tax on dudes is on the chalkboard outside of the café.

"Handsome Her is a space by women, for women. House Rules:

Rule #1: Women have priority seating.

Rule #2: Men will be charged an 18% premium to reflect the gender pay gap (2016) which is donated to a women's service.

Rule #3: Respect goes both ways."

What in the fresh hell is this? Besides the identity politics and the insufferable commentary on the gender wage gap, which is loaded with nuance, this is just bad business. Everyone knows this will turn away customers. Guys who want to pay 18 percent more for stuff, power to you—you’re morons. If this were Shark Tank this would be a rejected pitch since it shows that there is no care about the health of the business if they’re willing to take risks that could have an immense impact—and not in a good way. There are a lot better ways to generate cash for donations to women’s causes without taxing half of the market because of one’s gender. It may feel good to the ultra-left, but there are other shops to buy coffee and a bagel. This is what we have to look forward to when snowflakes graduate college. It’s the infestation of the fee market with this crap, along with litmus tests to even participate in it without harassment.