MSNBC Host: So, Is Trump Trying To Provoke Another Terrorist Attack For Political Gain?

Posted: Jun 05, 2017 8:00 AM

Okay—we had Hollywood liberal go insane last week. We had Kathy Griffin do a disastrous mock beheading photo shoot, where she holds up a bloodied head of the president. Then, after the horrific terror attack in London over the weekend, which left seven people dead, including over 40 injured, Bette Midler tweeted that “men and religion are useless.” Now, on the news media side, you have MSNBC host Thomas Roberts asking whether President Trump is trying to provoke another terror attack to exploit for political gain. Roberts was referencing the president’s tweets after the London attack.

In two separate interviews, one with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and the other with former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, Roberts asked the question. Both men refused to answer the question directly. Reed said that Twitter isn’t the best medium to address the issue of terrorism. Dean was more taken aback, opting to say that Trump is just incompetent.

“Uh, I just think he's ­–well, I think he's totally incompetent,” he replied (via RCP) [emphasis mine]:

THOMAS ROBERTS, MSNBC: We don't know more about the three suspects, Howard, but we do know that the president found that inappropriate of the mayor and went after him saying at least seven dead and 48 wounded, and the mayor of London says there's no reason to be alarmed, and he also said we have to quit being politically correct, get down to the business of security for our people, if we don't get smart it is only going to get worse.'

I asked this of Mayor Reed, but seems like the president is trying to provoke something that he can politicize more for his own gain in America. Do you feel that way?

Is this a fair question? Would Obama be accused of this if he went off half-cocked on Twitter after a terrorist attack in an alternate universe? With Trump, it’s a multi-layered hate cake because he’s a Republican, who also  beat Hillary Clinton, which wasn’t supposed to happen. So, what to do if you’re the liberal media elite? Well, you peddle stories about Russian collusion that turn out to be nothing burgers and wage an incessant campaign to mock and denigrate his presidency. Some might say that’s what they should be doing, others might say it’s a sign that Trump is winning.

The notion that the president of the United States wanting a terrorist attack to exploit for political gain is a throwback to the progressive nutjobs who thought the 9/11 attacks were an inside job. It was insane then, and it’s still crazy now. Roberts may think this line of questioning is legitimate, but without hard evidence—it’s rather irresponsible to bring up on live television. I know it may be hard for some on the Left to comprehend this, but Donald J. Trump is not evil. That would be ISIS. You’re getting your enemies mixed up (shocker).