Lying His Ossoff: Georgia Democrat Says He Never Oversold Voters About His National Security Background

Posted: May 30, 2017 12:40 PM

Georgia Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff continues to lie about his national security credentials. Ossoff is running against Republican Karen Handel in Georgia’s sixth congressional special election to fill the vacancy left by Republican Tom Price, who is now health and human services secretary. The number of candidates who ran was absurd; 11 Republicans tossed their hat into the ring. If no one got 50+1 percent, a runoff would occur on June 20 between the two top vote getters. That turned out to be Handel and Ossoff, the latter of which said his not winning outright was a “victory for the ages.” Guy mentioned how Ossoff has never even bothered to vote in any of the state’s other runoff elections in the past, and he also doesn’t even live in the district he’s running to represent. Ossoff has been bolstered by heaps of cash from outside the state. Yet, back to the national security clearance issue.

Ossoff has tried to position himself as a candidate with years of experience in this field, boasting about his top-secret clearance he obtained while working as an aide to Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA). Ossoff claimed to have had that clearance for five years when it was really five months. Yet, he has repeated this claim and in a recent local interview with Fox 5 Atlanta’s Russ Spencer, he’s adamant that he hasn’t oversold that aspect of his campaign.

RUSS SPENCER: “You had that top secret security clearance. It’s true, but for about 5 months. Have you oversold that at all, do you think?”

JON OSSOFF: “Never. Not once.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published Ossoff’s timeline with Rep. Johnson:

— January 2007: Ossoff starts in Johnson’s office as a part-time legislative correspondent, working 25-30 hours a week while attending Georgetown University.

— May 2009: Ossoff graduates from Georgetown University.

— Summer 2009: Ossoff spends time traveling before he returns to work as Johnson’s legislative assistant in Aug. 2009.

— January 2010: Ossoff is promoted to senior legislative assistant.

— April to July 2010: Ossoff runs Johnson’s re-election campaign.

— September 2010: Ossoff returns to Johnson’s Capitol Hill office.

— March 2012: Ossoff receives a top-secret security clearance and staffs Johnson for work related to the National Defense Authorization Act.

— Mid-August 2012: Ossoff leaves Johnson’s office.

I think we can all agree that five years is very different than five months. Yet, the district is loaded with highly educated Republican voters who are not Trump supporters. Right now, Ossoff is in the lead, up seven points over Handel. It’s already the most expensive House race in history. George Will added that should Ossoff pull of a win later this month, President Trump and the Republicans could be facing a brutal 2018 midterm season. We surely will hear the end of the GOP talk from the liberal media. At the same time, the midterms are roughly 500 days away.

BONUS: If you’re wondering about Rep. Johnson, he’s the congressman who thought Guam could capsize if it became overpopulated.