Pelosi: I Didn't Say Comey Should Be Fired, He Just Wasn't Right For The Job

Posted: May 16, 2017 5:40 PM

During her town hall event with CNN, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was asked about her party’s selective outrage over the firing of James Comey from the FBI. Remember that Democrats wanted the man’s head on a pike for his October 28, 2016 letter informing Congress that the FBI would be reviewing more emails. Hillary Clinton has said Mr. Comey and the Russians were the reasons why she lost. That’s patently false. Still, now that President Trump has fired Mr. Comey, Democrats are outraged. Frothing at the mouth—doling out the Watergate comparisons, the Nixon comparisons, and the ever-catchy sound bite that this is a constitutional crisis. The Comey firing is none of these things.

Still, Ms. Pelosi said that she never thought that Mr. Comey should be fired, only that he’s not the best fit to be the director of the FBI. So, he should probably find a new job. She also added that Mr. Comey’s firing was related to the Bureau’s investigation into possible collusion between the Trump camp and Russian intelligence in order to tilt the election. There is zero evidence to substantiate this claim. Second, it’s not as if the FBI will stop the probe. Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe said last week the FBI’s investigation would continue. Also, the claim that Mr. Comey was fired after he requested more resources for the investigation, which had liberals going crazy, turned out to be inaccurate.

Also, I find it hard to believe that Pelosi didn’t want Mr. Comey removed. After October, every Democrat had changed their tune about the man from the vanguard of justice to partisan hack, or possible Russian agent, within a short period. To this day, liberals still believe in the Russia-Trump connection, despite the lack of evidence, and they think that Mr. Comey cost Clinton the election. It’s the ultimate outrage cocktail. Liberals are infuriated that he might have cost their gal the election, though they’re also vexed that the man leading one of the investigations into the Trump-Russia link was fired. Talk about whiplash. Also, if one feels that you're not right for the job, we all know what happens next. So, that's the Democratic line folks regarding Mr. Comey: he was incompetent and maybe couldn't handle the pressure of being the FBI director, but he should have kept his job, or something.