Close Call: Italian Journalist Assaulted By Migrant, Police Say She Was Lucky To Be Alive

Posted: May 08, 2017 8:30 PM

Our friends at Twitchy caught this harrowing account of an Italian journalist, Francesca Parisella of Matrix Channel 5, being assaulted by a migrant in Rome on live television. The attack occurred early last week. Host Nicola Porro asked Parisella what was happening at the central terminal in the Italian capital, where it seemed dozens of migrants were sleeping on the sidewalks.

Parisella said that many were using whatever they could, specifically cardboard, to keep them warm, while noting that volunteers were seen giving them hot plates of food. Some were from Central Africa, while others were from Northern Africa (Maghreb zone). The reporter told Porro that the migrants were not speaking much and many would return tomorrow night to the terminal in the hope that they can reach Milan. From there, they wish to get to other cities in Europe. Midway through her report, the camera is visibly shaken, with Parisella noting that they’re being assaulted.

“Get out of there! Don’t worry,” exclaimed Porro. Parisella then yells in terror, “what do you want! You’re crazy.”

“Oh God, Francesca. Get out of there,” said Porro. He immediately called the producer to alert the police.

The police later told Parisella that she was very lucky to be alive. The reporter later thanked a taxi driver named Roberto for saving her life and the lives of her camera crew.