Oh, Really: Maxine Waters Admits That Taxes Are Too High For Almost Everyone In America

Posted: Apr 18, 2017 1:30 PM

Our friends at Twitchy caught something rather interesting that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: our taxes are too damn high. No seriously, she admitted that almost everyone in America is struggling to pay his or her taxes. Waters has been on a full-blown assault against the Trump White House. She has said that Trump has no business being president, and that she would fight every day until he’s impeached. At the tax protests, where liberals demanded that the president release his tax returns as the time for everyone to submit their dues to the government drew closer [Emphasis mine]:

Americans all over this country, many are struggling to pay their taxes. Middle income people, working people, and many have to pay taxes that they can’t afford. And here we are, they are, struggling to pay their taxes, and this president is basically laughing at us. Because remember, during the campaign he said ‘I pay no taxes,’ and I believe that and many people believe that.”

Ms. Waters, you can always do what Republicans do, which is reduce tax rates and ease the levels of regulation that kill job creation and economic growth. You know, something that the Trump administration is trying to do. On the other hand, former Vice President Joe Biden said in March that the middle class was doing just fine, so it shows how the party of the people, supposedly, really has no clue what’s going on out there. Oh, and Biden’s remarks were said around the anniversary of the passage of Obamacare last month—a health care initiative that the middle class can’t afford.

Getting back to Waters, we have Democrats admitting that taxes are too high. What a time to be alive. Also, let's not forget that Trump does pay his taxes, as Rachel Maddow demonstrated on her show.

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