Very Low Energy: DNC Can't Count On Anti-Trump Fervor To Fill Their Coffers

Posted: Mar 22, 2017 8:00 AM

For all the passion, all the hatred, all the whining, all the dumpster fires, and all the protests, the Democratic National Committee hasn’t been able to fill the coffers by capitalizing on the anti-Trump hysterics infesting their ranks. The February fundraising figures show the DNC still trailing their Republican counterparts.

The Republican National Committee raised $9.4 million for the month compared to a little over $6.4 million for the DNC. The RNC has $39.2 million cash on hand; the DNC has $10.2 million. The DNC is $2.8 million in debt, while the RNC operates debt free.

RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said, “Voters are enthusiastic about the strong leadership from President Trump and Congressional Republicans, who are committed to keeping their promises to the American people. It’s clear we have energy and support behind the President’s agenda to increase our Republican majorities as we deliver on the promises made to voters last fall.”

This surely throws a wet blanket onto the Left’s political goals during the Trump era, which surely involves retaking some lost ground in rural America. Yet, the Republican State Leadership Committee says the GOP is in solid shape at the state-level—and gerrymandering has nothing to do with it; the latter is a common liberal talking point to explain their dismal existence in Appalachia and other parts of the country that went heavily for Trump.

While Trump doesn’t have the best approval ratings, he does score high in two areas. Sixty percent of voters feel the president keeps his promises, while 54 percent feel he gest things done, according to Pew Research. Love him or hate him, Trump gets things done. That’s what voters want. Also, the man paints a picture for voters. He hooks them in, unlike Clinton. 

In a gender swapping experiment, where a woman played Trump and a man portrayed Clinton, folks actually were able to grasp why 2016 was the biggest political upset in our history. Clinton is unlikable as a woman and a man, whereas Trump may not be well liked, but those who saw the recreated debates in this setting saw a person who would take care of them, look out for them—even though they may not like this particular person. Keep that in mind every time a liberal says how awful Trump is doing in the polls.

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