Failed Trump Labor Nominee: Politico Is The Worst And They Probably Torpedoed My Nomination

Posted: Mar 12, 2017 9:35 PM

Andrew Puzder was President Donald Trump’s initial nominee to become labor secretary. Then, we had allegations about spousal abuse, which Puzder’s ex-wife vociferously denied, but it was enough to push several Republicans away from supporting his nomination. With the votes not there, the fast-food executive formally withdrew his name from consideration. Now, he feels that the media, specifically Politico, caused his nomination to fail (via Washington Examiner):

"Well, Politico was the worst," he told Fox Business Network. "They [Winfrey] did an interview with my former wife and she actually called me when the interview ran [in 1990] in tears because she believed she'd been taken advantage of."


In fact, when they announced my withdrawal, there was a tweet from someone who was in the newsroom, one of the reporters at Politico, saying that they broke out in applause," Puzder said. "So, you could imagine the biased nature of the coverage with respect to this issue. They really were the worst."

In mid-February, a web producer for Politico wrote on Twitter, "Cool moment. Entire Politico newsroom giving [reporter] Marianne Levine a round of applause."

The news media is insufferably liberal, but Puzder also left out that he had hired an illegal alien as a housekeeper. He states that he was unaware of her immigration status, but the fact remains: he hired an illegal immigrant. That’s also a big deal—and one that was true. Moreover, presidential nominees hiring illegal aliens often face the chopping block. President Bill Clinton was hit with a double whammy in his search for an attorney general. Kimba Wood and Zoe Baird both had their AG nomination go down the toilet over hiring illegals. Puzder’s name can be added to that history as well.