Facepalm: Comedian Sarah Silverman Thought Utility Markings Were Swastikas

Posted: Feb 13, 2017 7:30 PM

So, remember when comedian and hard core liberal Sarah Silverman stepped in it for tweeting her support for a military coup to remove President Donald Trump. Granted, she's a comedian, so they get a little more leeway in the area of commentary. Yet, Silverman’s recent trip up is…well…painful. She mistook utility markings for swastikas.

Heat Street’s Stephen Miller (aka @RedSteeze) doled out his witty commentary on the matter. Silverman admitted her mistake, but still said that there was a resemblance. Then, she got nasty, invoking the c-word when talking about those who called her out on this insanely ridiculous observation.

[Warning: some strong language]

H/T Daily Caller