Another Protester To Fox News: 'Stalin Would Be A Hell Of A Lot Better Than Trump'

Posted: Jan 20, 2017 1:30 PM

Former CEO of Concerned Veterans For America and Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth was also at the DeploraBall protest outside the National Press Club last night, where he tried to interview some of the protestors. Many refused to speak with him. At one point, someone threw a phone at him.

Hegseth’s colleague Griff Jenkins was also there and interviewed a very young protester—a kid—who said he started a fire outside of the venue to say, “Screw our president.” Hegseth also had an interesting encounter of his own, interviewing a masked anti-Trump activist who said, “Stalin would be a hell of a lot better than Trump.” 

"Did you know Stalin killed 50 million people," replied Hegseth.

"Did you know that the population increased 1.6 percent under Stalin," said the protester.

That’s just insane. President Trump is not Hitler. And no, you’d have to be on bath salts to think that Stalin would be better. Also, a tad ironic since Stalin would have never tolerated antics like this. Once again, it shows how the Left has no grasp of history. In the meantime, the progressive meltdown continues. 

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