Democratic Congressman: Trump Is Not A Legitimate President Because A Conspiracy Destroyed Clinton's Candidacy

Posted: Jan 13, 2017 5:30 PM

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) did not mince words on how he felt about President-elect Trump with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd. On Meet The Press Daily, Lewis sat down with Todd to say, among other things, that he believes in forgiveness and trying to work with people, but he will find it difficult to work with Trump because he doesn’t see him as a legitimate president.


Well, because the Russians wrecked Clinton’s presidential campaign, and that’s just not fair or something. He also plans on skipping the inauguration, the first time he had done so since he came to Congress. Lewis also said that he believes there was a conspiracy to defeat Clinton.

“I think there was a conspiracy on the part of the Russians and others to help him [Trump] get elected. That’s not right. That’s not fair,” said Lewis. 

Oh, so you mean a vast right wing conspiracy? First, there was no conspiracy; we’ve been saying for a long time that we don’t want Clinton as president. That's just crazy talk. Second, it’s just partisan noise from a staunch liberal member of Congress. There is zero evidence of such a conspiracy, not to mention the inability to hide such a complex plot involving foreign actors. And last (and probably most importantly) Clinton wrecked her own candidacy. She was weak with the Obama coalition, who weren’t enthused by her. Her email fiasco, despite what you may think of it, Mr. Lewis, was a big deal with voters that sunk her on character issues before the general election. She ignored millions of white working class voters, which Obama did not, which also sunk her on election night. In fact, millions of Obama supporters voted for Trump. She just lost. Period. She was one of the worst candidates your party has ever nominated. She was weak, formulaic, inauthentic, and didn’t speak to the economic concerns of voters. Many thought she cared more about transgender using bathrooms than job creation, a byproduct of the snobby urban elite taking the helm of the liberal agenda.

You’re just a sore loser, John. We won. You lost. Now, it’s time to deal with it, as the GOP dealt with it after 2008 and 2012. We retook Congress, the White House, took over 69/99 state legislatures, and now control two-thirds of the governorships. While you were sleeping, we were slowly but surely regaining ground to become the dominant political force in this country. Oh, and as for legitimacy, 84 percent of the country views Trump as the legitimate successor to Barack Obama.

So, it looks like it’s just another case of a Democrat taking a fringe position, just as they do on gun control, abortion, and host of other issues.