They Don't Get It: MSNBC's Morning Joe Rips NYT For Post-Election Trump Headline

Posted: Nov 10, 2016 11:45 AM

Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote 290-232 (Clinton looks like she’ll win New Hampshire, Trump will clinch Arizona). Trump is also on the verge of winning over 300 electoral votes when Michigan is called. The fact is that Trump won. It’s certainly one of the most shocking presidential upsets since Harry Truman beat New York Republican Gov. Thomas Dewey in 1948; Truman didn’t even watch the results, he went to bed.

The feelings of shock are rampant across the Left, especially the news media. After Trumpmentum swept the country, you would think that you’d see headlines like "Stunning Upset," which is what Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin was expecting. Instead, we got “Democrats, Students, and Foreign Allies Face The Reality Of A Trump Presidency,” the day after the election from The New York Times, which shocked and appalled Halperin, who was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning. Host Joe Scarborough also ripped into The Times saying that their editorial board just doesn’t get it.

“Their headline isn’t ‘Disaffected Americans Have A Champion Going to the White House ‘or ‘The Country Votes for Fundamental Change;’ the headline is about how disappointed the friends of the people who run The New York Times are about what has happened,” said Halperin. “It’s amazing,” he added.

“This is staggering,” said Scarborough.

“It’s The Onion,” added Halperin.

“This is about them,” interjected co-host Mika Brzezinski.

Halperin added that while he thought Trump had a chance to lose, he knew that at least 42 million people were going to vote for him. Why? How are they feeling? It can’t be driven by racism and sexism, which is the prevailing narrative the progressive snowflakes are dishing out like candy. It’s not.

“The responsibility of journalists is to no report on their biases. It’s to go out and understand the country through the prism of the election and say why are people feeling the way they’re feeling. And I’m just stunned at how people are reacting,” said Halperin.

Now, I know many of you are like, “gee, no kidding,” right? And Scarborough and Halperin also noted that they like to read The Times, but some reporters did write about these people. Salena Zito was one of the first if not the first reporter to venture into western PA and other parts of the Rust Belt, who said that there was this neo-populist wave growing. It’s nameless. It’s faceless. But these folks are angry and we shouldn’t be shocked at their impulse to vote in a way to blows up the current system. She also said that it’s not necessarily a movement that’s in the bag for Republicans. There was a brief time, where perhaps a Democrats, like Bernie Sanders (regarding trade) could get an audience with these people. Instead, President-elect Donald Trump came along.

Yes, the liberal media is insufferable, but to not acknowledge how this election is an upset is just shameless. This isn’t journalistic malpractice. It goes beyond that. It’s a willful ignorance, a gross detachment from reality. Trump said he would expand the map, and he did (maybe not in the way he wanted because he said he could win New York), so maybe that could have also been a headline.

Liberals, Clinton got beat—and got beat badly. Yes, she won the popular vote by the slimmest of slim margins thanks to the returns from California, but Trump won and the GOP retained control of Congress, expanded their hold on the state legislatures, and increased their number of governorships. Looks like Clinton really could catch a blue wave, as scores of Democrats stayed home.