CNN Host: I’m Not A Partisan Person, But Let Me Tell You Why Trump Is A Cancer On Democracy

Posted: Nov 08, 2016 12:45 PM

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On Sunday, CNN host Fareed Zakaria did not hold back in his closing arguments against Donald Trump that have been made against him this entire election cycle. In short, his commentary on the Republican nominee, which lasted a little under six minutes, pretty much summarized every attack that’s been lobbed against him. Zakaria begins his commentary noting that he’s not a highly partisan person, but then says that Donald Trump is a cancer on democracy. Yes, he may have left of center views; he’s respected Republican politicians (and still does), namely Ronald Reagan, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. Of the latter two, he described them as honorable men who would’ve made great presidents. Yet, here’s’ why Donald Trump is different and why he’s voting against him.

  1. He’s racist
  2. He’s a protectionist
  3. He’s an authoritarian
  4. He’s sexist

All I’ll say that it’s a tad much to consider someone a cancer on democracy, given that liberals have said much worse about GOP nominees in the past.