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Checkmate State: NBC’s Todd Shows Why Florida Is That Important For Trump

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I know I’ve expounded on Florida before, but NBC News’ political director Chuck Todd just showed how critical the state is to the Trump campaign. In Todd’s hypothetical on Sunday, should Clinton win Florida, she could afford to lose Michigan, Colorado, and Nevada and still get over 270.


Yesterday he did say that 367 electoral votes is probably Clinton’s ceiling should everything go her way, though he said he doubts it’ll get that high. Yet, he also noted that Trump could flip Michigan. He feels that he might fall a bit short and come to regret not being on the ground sooner, so there is something to President Obama being there. In all, it’s all Florida. Should that state be called for Clinton later tonight, the game is over.

Concerning down-ballot, on The Today Show yesterday morning, Todd also mentioned that the FBI’s now non-bombshell announcement in which FBI Director James Comey informed Congress that the bureau would review 650,000 more Clinton-related emails, which ended in yet another announcement that no indictment would occur, might have cost the Democrats one or two Senate seats. He added that it energized the GOP base, and that the Senate makeup could be due to a "Comey effect." Let's see what happens.

Also, CNN’s David Chalian noted this about Florida last night. Trump could win Michigan and Pennsylvania and that still wouldn’t be enough should Clinton claim the Sunshine State.


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