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Piggybacking on Guy’s post about the FBI and the Department Of Justice’s war over the investigation into the Clinton Foundation, which had some members of DOJ reportedly “pissed off” that the bureau wanted to go after the nonprofit of the political power couple with gusto:


The story begins by focusing on the email probe side of the controversy, then delves into great detail about a raging, under-the-radar battle over multiple FBI field offices examining possible criminal wrongdoing at the Clinton Foundation. The specifics of the report are remarkable, with warring factions offering differing accounts of what has really transpired. One thing that becomes clear from the Journal's reporting is that some within the FBI believe top brass at their agency and at the Justice Department have repeatedly exerted their influence to hamstring or shut down a serious criminal investigation


One contingent of agents views their bosses at DOJ as actively trying to deep-six their investigative efforts, which could have further damaged the Clintons. Another contingent believes the evidence wasn't strong enough to justify a full-scale investigation.

For more on this covert war between DOJ and the FBI, please finish Guy’s post, but CNN’s Evan Perez and Pamela Brown said last night that the FBI agents who were part of the Clinton Foundation probe wanted to pursue this investigation with vigor, corroborating some of The Wall Street Journal story. Brown also said that politically motivated roadblocks were set up by the DOJ to torpedo the investigation.


“Agents in the FBI wanted to aggressively investigate the Clinton Foundation several months ago earlier in the year, the Department of Justice told the FBI essentially you don’t have enough evidence here for predication to get more tools, such as warrants and subpoenas, go back and see what else you can dig up,” said Brown. She later added that agents still wanted to continue their investigation into the foundation, even after the probe into Clinton’s emails was initially concluded in July. The DOJ still said they lacked the evidence, which led to allegations that the roadblocks being established in this case are politically motivated.

Also, Fox News’ Bret Baier also said last evening that the investigation into possible quid pro quo dealings between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the foundation have been going on for over a year by the white collar division of the FBI, they consider it a high priority. Sources have told Baier and the Fox that a great deal of evidence has been collected, with witnesses being interviewed pervasively over the course of this investigation, some of which are expected to have a third round interviews with the bureau. This was before the Wikileaks document dumps. New information is analyzed and discovered every day—yes, some through Wikileaks, while other evidence is obtained through new emails. He also said that agents are aggressively investigating this matter.


Also, the devices owned by former chief of staff to Hillary at State, Cheryl Mills and lawyer Heather Samuelson, which were supposed to be destroyed in a side deal between them and the FBI after their analysis had concluded has not happened. They’re currently in the D.C. field office being analyzed as we speak. Guy had more on the DOJ/FBI conflict over the Clinton Foundation here. In the meantime, we can all endure the scars and stains Eric Holder left behind at the DOJ.

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