NY Post: Huma Abedin Found Out About New Email Probe From The Press

Posted: Nov 02, 2016 2:05 PM

So, the FBI found 650,000 new Clinton-related emails off of Anthony Weiner’s laptop. His estranged wife and top Clinton aide Huma Abedin shared the device, which is being reviewed in a separate investigation into the former congressman’s illicit online communication with an underage girl. The FBI waited to get a new warrant to review the emails, which was granted on Sunday. Now, the renewed probe begins. Yet, when did Huma Abedin find out about this? Well, in the papers of course, according to Daniel Halper of The New York Post. Oh, and she’s totally blaming her woes on Mr. Weiner:

Huma Abedin will continue to cooperate with the FBI, even as she’s blaming her latest problems on her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner, according to a lawyer representing Hillary Clinton’s closest aide.

“From the beginning, Ms. Abedin has complied fully and voluntarily with State Department and law enforcement requests, including sitting for hours-long interviews and providing her work-related and potentially work-related documents,” lawyer Karen Dunn said in a statement Monday night.


“She only learned for the first time on Friday, from press reports, of the possibility that a laptop belonging to Mr. Weiner could contain emails of hers.

Ms. Abedin faces serious legal ramifications should work-related emails be discovered in this review. First, she signed a 2013 form from the State Department that all work-related documents, even administrative ones, had been turned over. In June, in a deposition stemming from a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch over Hillary Clinton’s email server, Abedin said that she turned over all devices containing State Department documents over to her lawyers for review. Both the deposition and the State Department form carried penalties of perjury. It’s hard to believe that out of 650,000 emails, none are work-related—some might have classified information. We shall see what they find. It could take weeks to review and cross-reference all of these emails, especially those that might be flagged for containing classified material.