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Gov. Mike Pence Releases 10 Years Of Tax Returns

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has released 10 years worth of tax returns, noting that he and his wife made a little over $113,000 in 2015. The Republican running mate had promised to release these financial records, whereas the party’s 2016 nominee, Donald Trump, has refused to release his returns (via CNN Money):


He and his wife, Karen, reported bringing in $113,026 in adjusted gross income in 2015, and paying $8,956 in federal income taxes. That gives them an effective income tax rate of 8%.

They also pulled in nearly $9,000 from a pension or annuity.

The Pences claimed north of $15,000 in itemized deductions, with the bulk of it ($8,923) coming from their charitable contributions. The rest ($6,611) came from their deduction their state and local income and property taxes.


The couple's 2015 income was their lowest reported out of the 10 years. Their peak earnings came in 2009 and 2010 when they brought in more than $187,000. But for all 10 years they booked a six-figure income.

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