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What’s going on in Venezuela? There’s hunger. There’s a breakdown of law and order. And there’s an ever-increasing unraveling of the socioeconomic fabric that is Venezuela. The hospitals are in a horrendous state of disrepair; most of the doctors have left due to the meager wages. Energy shortages plagued the country this year, with the government working two-day workweeks to curb electrical costs. At a time when people need government assistance the most, the government decides to cut its workload. Looting has become rampant. Food supplies have dwindled, along with a severe lack of access to medicine; a serious issue if you’re one of the 200,000 Venezuelans living with a chronic illness. It’s a total disaster.


Now, we have what it feels like to live under this socialist utopia for nearly two decades. It’s not pretty. Alejandro Toro, who you may have seen on Fox’s MasterChef, described what’s going on in his home country for Pero Like—a subsidiary of Buzzfeed.

His identification number is 20.227.668, which means that if he lived in his home country, he could only buy groceries on Fridays. The minimum salary is $33.30 a month, which comes out to $0.20 an hour. Toro also says having enough food, enough money, and the simple question of can we survive dominate the national consciousness. The inflation rate in the country is set to soar to 700 percent and the economy is projected to contract by 10 percent this year.

Yet, Toro hits on something close to home. He says that the biggest problem that's arisen since the left-wingers took power was dividing people into groups.

“They fed the country hatred, so they separated into two types of people. We stopped being one group of people—and we became either red or blue,” he said.

Does that sound familiar? It should. Democrats have been dividing the country along rigid ethnic, social, and racial lines to win elections, instilling fear that Republicans will somehow ban all birth control (not true), or are racist (again, not true), or will set the country back by decades with their political conservatism. Setting the country back—that’s probably one of my favorite talking points from these people, as if we can actually try to revert back to the Leave It To Beaver days. No, Democrats need to put people into groups because it’s easier than finding solutions to society’s problems—and it’s a great way to win elections. Who to be afraid of and what to be afraid of because you’re a [insert racial, gender, or ethnic group here]... is a winning strategy. Obama proved that in 2012. And yet, the Democratic controlled-urban areas are a disaster. Black poverty rates haven’t dropped since at least the implementation of the Great Society. In fact, by almost every socioeconomic measure, Blacks have not moved in a positive economic direction…in 50 years. For Democrats, it’s the Republicans’ fault, or the Republicans will make it worse. The latter seems to be more fitting—and the dividends reaped from the Democratic cookie-cutter playbook have been immense.


Is this where we’re heading? Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to transform America because he’s sick of the haves and the have nots-dichotomy that he thinks is detrimental to American society. At the Democratic National Convention, there was some talk about pulling together, working together, and being stronger together...if you’re a Democrat.

Ever since the first vestiges of Occupy Wall Street, a movement that blessedly asphyxiated from people not really caring about their progressive drivel anymore, the left wing of the Democratic Party—and the country as a whole—is keen on dividing the nation under this bizarre victimization complex.

Job creators and the rich have this; that’s not fair because of x; and therefore you should redistribute the fruits of your labor to the rest of us because…equality, privilege, social justice code, history etc., and any other nonsensical progressive notion that justifies theft. It’s an agenda that seeks to erode freedom for equality of outcome. Instead of Viva La Revolucion, it’s Feel The Bern.

Toro also described his harrowing time in Venezuela where he and his mother were almost murdered by a roving band of thugs. He doesn’t seem to blame them, or hold any anger, because he sees them as desperate people just trying to survive. He also discussed how his successful uncle was kidnapped. His family paid the kidnappers, but his uncle was murdered regardless.

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