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Democratic Governor On DNC Emails: Debbie Has Been A Good Leader, So Let's Move On, Already

There are some Democrats who just want the Debbie Wasserman Schultz and DNC email leak story to just go away. One of them is Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf. During his CNN interview with Carol Costello, Wolf stated that he thought outgoing DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was a good leader, and that it was time for the Democrats to unite.


Costello had brought up how the hope that Democrats could leave Philadelphia under the narrative that they’re a united party is gone after Sander’s intense speech drew boos when he said that Democrats needed to vote for the Clinton/Kaine ticket, the emails that show the Democratic National Committee tipping the scales for the former secretary of state in the primaries, and testimonials from reporters and Sanders supporters alike that there are a) more pro-Bernie signs than Hillary signs; and b) some of these Bernie supporters are so distrustful of Clinton that they might vote for Trump.

At the time, there was still debate as to whether Schultz was going to gavel in the convention; she’s not doing that anymore. Wolf pressed on, saying that it’s time to unite as a party or risk defeat come November.

“But at this point, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a distraction, isn’t she?” asked Costello.


“I think she has been a good leader. She has done what she thinks she ought to do and we got to move on,” he said.

“She’s been a good leader? Did you read some of those leaked emails?” Costello asked.

“Okay–we need to move on. This is about unity. I know you want to talk about…but this is a side issue,” Wolf said.

He reiterated the call for unity that is so lacking right now in Philadelphia. At the same time, when Clinton supporters are trying to say this this is just a peripheral issue, and that we should move on–you know it's a big deal. 

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