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Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has officially nominated Donald Trump for president. Updates to follow. Roll Call reports that Trump has more than 1,500 delegates entering this convention, way ahead of the 1,237-delegate benchmark needed to clinch the nomination. They added that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) obtained 559 delegates during the primaries, but didn’t release them. They have threatened walk out if they’re not able to nominate Cruz.


UPDATE: First ballot being counted now.

Alabama 36 Donald J.Trump, 13 Sen. Ted Cruz, 1 Sen. Marco Rubio

Alaska: 28 Trump, 12 Cruz, 5 Rubio

American Samoa: 9 Trump

Arizona: 58 Trump

Arkansas: 25 Trump, 15 Cruz

California: 172 Trump

Colorado: 4 Trump, 31 Cruz, 2 Abstentions

Connecticut: 28 Trump

Delaware: 16 Trump

District of Columbia: 10 Rubio, 9 Ohio Gov. John Kasich -- loud boos heard after this vote -- though Secretary awarded all 19 to Trump

Florida: 99 Trump

Georgia: 42 Trump, 18 Cruz, 16 Rubio

Guam: 9 Trump

Hawaii: 11 Trump, 7 Cruz, 1 Rubio

Idaho: 12 Trump, 20 Cruz

Illinois: 54 Trump, 9 Cruz, 6 Gov. Kasich

Indiana: 57 Trump

Iowa: 30 Trump

Kansas: 9 Trump, 24 Cruz, 6 Rubio, 1 Gov. Kasich

Kentucky: 17 Trump, 15 Cruz, 7 Rubio, 7 Gov. Kasich

Louisiana: 31 Trump, 15 Cruz

Maine: 9 Trump, 12 Cruz, 2 Gov. Kasich

Maryland: 48 Trump

Massachusetts: 22 Trump, 4 Cruz, 8 Rubio, 8 Gov. Kasich

Michigan: 51 Trump, 6 Cruz, 2 Gov. Kasich

Minnesota: 8 Trump, 13 Cruz, 17 Rubio

Mississippi: 25 Trump, 15 Cruz

Missouri: 41 Trump, 11 Cruz

Montana: 27 Trump

Nebraska: 36 Trump

Nevada: 14 Trump, 6 Cruz, 7 Rubio, 1 Kasich, 2 Dr. Ben Carson

New Hampshire: Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski delivered the delegate vote totals: 11 Trump, 3 Cruz, 2 Rubio, 4 Kasich, 3 Gov. Jeb Bush

New Jersey: 51 Trump

New Mexico: 24 Trump

New York: 89 Trump, 6 Kasich -- Donald Trump Jr. represented the delegation and delivered the delegate vote that put his father over the top.


North Carolina: 29 Trump, 27 Cruz, 6 Rubio, 9 Gov. Kasich, 1 Carson

North Dakota: 21 Trump, 6 Cruz, 1 Carson.

Northern Mariana Islands: 9 Trump

Ohio: 66 Gov. John Kasich

Oklahoma: 24 Trump, 19 Cruz

Oregon: 23 Trump, 5 Cruz

Pennsylvania: *Initially took a pass, defer to New York to put him over the top. 70 Trump, 1 Cruz

Puerto Rico: 23 Rubio

Rhode Island: 12 Trump, 2 Cruz,5 Gov. Kasich

South Carolina: 50 Trump

South Dakota: 29 Trump

Tennessee: 33 Trump, 16 Cruz, 9 Rubio

Texas: 48 Trump, 104 Cruz, 3 Rubio

U.S. Virgin Islands: 8 Trump, 1 Abstention

Utah: 40 Cruz, though secretary just said "pursuant to the rules (16-A-2)" all 40 go to Trump

Vermont: 13 Trump, 1 Gov. Kasich, 2 Sen. Rand Paul

Virginia: 17 Trump, 8 Cruz, 16 Rubio, 5 Gov. Kasich, 3 Carson

Washington: 44 Trump

West Virginia: 34 Trump

Wisconsin: 6 Trump, 36 Cruz

Wyoming: 3 Trump, 23 Cruz, 1 Rubio, 2 Gov. Kasich

Total: 1,725 Donald Trump, 475 Sen. Ted Cruz, 114 Marco Rubio, 120 Gov. Kasich, 7 Dr. Ben Carson, 3 Gov. Jeb Bush, and 2 Sen. Rand Paul

UPDATE II: Donald Trump, Jr. delivered the 89 delegates to put Trump over the top. Trump, Jr. said that this is no longer campaign; it's a movement. 

"Congratulations, Dad! We love you!," he exclaimed as New York put Donald Trump over the top to clinch the GOP nomination.


UPDATE III: Alaska delegation challenges recorded delegate vote.

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said that under rule 16-A-2—the bound vote gets reallocated to the only candidate that’s left running in some states. It only impacts a handful of delegations (no more than four at this convention) and the secretary is required to read the bound vote first, which is why it appeared there were differing totals for a few states. The delegate count for Alaska stands at 28 for Trump.

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