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BREAKING: Suicide Bombers Assault Ataturk Airport In Istanbul; UPDATE: 28 Reportedly Killed; UPDATE; Three Suicide Bombers?

NBC News' Richard Engel says witnesses are telling him they saw three suicide bombers.



There are reports of explosions and gunfire erupting at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. Multiple people have been injured in the attack. Two explosions were heard, with gunfire emanating from the airport parking lot. It's been reported that the two suspects appeared to have executed their attack before passing through security. Police fired at the suspects. 

We’ll keep you updated in this situation.


UPDATE: Forty It's been lowered to 20 people reportedly injured.

UPDATE II: There are reports that 10 people have been killed in the attack.

UPDATE III: Sky News reporting that attacker opened fire with Kalashnikov rifle. A broadcast ban has reportedly been imposed on coverage regarding the attack. The number wounded has been lowered to 20 people

UPDATE IV: State Department issued a travel warning yesterday.

UPDATE V: There’s footage of one of the explosions at Ataturk Airport. Sky News now reporting that there are at least 60 wounded, with six having very serious injuries. They also reported a witness told NBC News that a police officer had wrestled with one of the attackers before detonating an explosive device. CNN added that a Turkish official has risen the death toll to 28 people.


UPDATE VI: Christine jumping in here for Matt. A new revised death toll puts the number of deaths at 31, with an additional 147 people injured. Nobody has claimed responsibility yet. The death toll is expected to rise.

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