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Guy wrote up the latest on Clinton’s self-inflicted email fiasco, where the former secretary of state’s private email server was plagued with such severe technical problems—that it forced the State Department’s anti-hacking security measures had to be disabled to fix the issue. This email relating to this foul-up wasn’t turned over, but it also exposed another lie Clinton told about why she had this system (which wasn’t approved by the State Department) set up in the first place. USA Today’s Susan Page elaborated further about this on CBS’ Face The Nation this morning, where host John Dickerson brought it up towards the end of the roundtable discussion.


“An important disclosure for two reasons; number one it showed she was concerned about letting—she gave a different explanation for why she had a private email server. She was concerned about the personal being accessible; it wasn’t a matter of convenience, which is what she told the world. Secondly, she didn’t turn it over. She deleted this email apparently and it came up because it came through the aide that she had sent it to—so it goes right to those questions about honesty, trustworthiness, and transparency

It’s not easy running a campaign that portrays your candidate as a strong leader, who also happens to be dishonest and untrustworthy. Moreover, people just don’t like her. Now, for Trump, his numbers aren’t good at all. In fact, they’re abysmal. But when it comes to trust and honesty, voters favor Trump over Clinton by a two-to one margin. That’s beyond embarrassing. Yet, because of that Clinton’s attacks might not carry as much weight that her team might be hoping for this year. She’s viewed as an unlikable liar, who hasn’t been transparent about anything. Why should people believe anything she says about Trump, especially after she won't release her transcripts to speeches she gave to Wall Street banks (hitting on transparency), or her very politically-motivated flip-flop on the Trans-Pacific Partnership? On the latter, you can thank Sanders for that.


Yet, the real nugget here is that Clinton didn’t turn over all of her emails (again), she deleted emails that should’ve been preserved for the record, and she lied (again) about why she established this email system in the first place. If it weren’t for her last name, she would be finished.

Half of voters feel that Clinton’s use of a private email server was illegal. The Sunday news programs also hit on some of the latest polls, which still show Clinton in the lead, but there are some troubling crosstabs for her campaign. CBS News’ Elections Director Anthony Salvanto noted that voters who want change overwhelmingly back Donald Trump in the battleground states. They think he can bring change—and his bashing of NAFTA, TPP, and other free trade agreements resonates in these communities.

Salvanto said that there are enough of these voters still sour about free trade and NAFTA to keep Donald where he's currently postioned in the polls, but they’re aren’t enough of them to make a dent against Clinton’s lead. He did concede that if time goes on, and voters want change no matter what–a Trump surge is possible.


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