Disgusting: Mizzou Race Activist Scolds White People At Orlando Shooting Vigil

Posted: Jun 15, 2016 5:30 PM

What is with this school? The University of Missouri seems to be a breeding ground for unhinged progressives, who appear to have turned a vigil remembering the victims of the Orlando attack into some weird lecture about race. The College Fix had the details concerning what Mizzou graduate and activist Tiffany Melecio said before addressing the diverse crowd, namely how she was nervous getting up on stage because of all the white people in attendance.

“I was really nervous to get up here because there’s a lot of white people in the crowd, and that wasn’t a joke,” she said (via the Fix) [emphasis mine]:

I wish this many people came out to our racial demonstrations and our Black Lives Matter movement,” Melecio told the crowd, which The Columbia Missourian estimated at more than 800.

Those are things you don’t consider when you are white or when you are an American,” said Melecio, a former staffer for the Missourian. She recalled fumbling over Spanish, her non-native language, when she came out as bisexual to her Spanish-speaking mother from Guatemala. Her family is Guatemalan and Puerto Rican.

“I’m tired of the black and white dichotomy we hear when we talk about race,” Melecio said. “We never take the time to talk about the shades [of skin] in between – like mine.”

Melecio implied that among white people, support for the Latino community was not as strong as it was for the LGBTQ community.

As much as it is awesome that there’s so many people here today, but it’s, like, who are you really here for?” said Melecio.

That comment prompted strong reactions from those in the audience. “We’re here for everybody,” said an unidentified woman.

“I don’t want to stand up here and be angry because this isn’t for me, this isn’t for you, it’s for the people that we lost, the people that we may lose tomorrow, and the people we lost yesterday, but I thought I take the moment to just list out some facts that many of you probably don’t know because you’re white,” she added.

These people cannot help themselves. That arc of history must always be detailed, and they must always show that they’re supposedly on the right side of it. This was likely a terrorist attack. Yes, the vast majority of the victims were Hispanic since the killer, Omar Mateen, decided to attack during the Pulse nightclub’s Latin night. Was this racially motivated? Probably not—Mateen was scouting to launch a possible attack at Disney World, but what happened early Sunday morning certainly seems to be grounded in vicious homophobia. The killer himself reportedly could’ve been gay.

Yet, that’s beside the point, when terrorists attack the country—we unite. We unite in grief, anger, and hopefully we channel that into something constructive in increased awareness of our surroundings that helps the various agencies tasked with preventing terrorism do their jobs, heeding the words of FBI Director James Comey. We do not use these opportunities to whine about how attacks on the LGBT community get more attention, or how terrorist attacks get more attention, or the “black and white dichotomy” on race relations. What is this? People are dead. The nation has been attacked—and you’re irked because there are white people at a vigil for the victims of this attack, and that not as many showed up to past Black Lives Matter events? Grow up, kid.

If this is what we should expect from future Mizzou alums after the addition of mandatory “diversity intensive” courses, I’m sure we’ll see more drivel from these…snowflakes.

In all, this was just disgusting. Period.