Obama Speechwriters Laugh About 'You Can Keep It' Obamacare Lie

Posted: May 11, 2016 1:05 PM

Three of President Obama’s former speechwriters, David Litt, Jon Lovett, and Jon Favreau, sat down with journalist Charlie Rose on his PBS show, where the three men cracked some jokes about one of the biggest lies that emanated from this administration: If you like your health care plan, you can keep it (via NewsBusters):

CHARLIE ROSE: My point is do you have equal impact on serious speeches? Because it’s about style, use of language, etcetera?

JON LOVETT, FORMER OBAMA SPEECH WRITER: I really like, I was very — the joke speeches is the most fun part of this. But the things I’m the most proud of were the most serious speeches, I think. Health care, economic speeches.

JON FAVREAU, FORMER OBAMA SPEECH WRITER: Lovett wrote the line about “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.”

LOVETT: How dare you!


LOVETT: And you know what? It’s still true! No.

So, basically, these clowns are laughing at the American people for believing that the president’s health care law was going to be affordable. It’s not. And it's certainly a serious one of the most, if not the most, important discussion within American households when it comes to crafting a home budget. More Americans are opting to remain uninsured because it’s more economical for them—that’s failure. UnitedHealth, one of the largest health care providers in the country, pulled out of the Obamacare exchanges in two states after incurring horrific losses, and might pull out from the individual market altogether by 2017. The last remaining Obamacare co-ops are on the brink of collapse, and billions have been wasted on the exchanges. In a recent CBO projection, Obamacare’s enrollment numbers for 2016 are off by 24 million. Since the law went into effect, 9 million people (5 million employer-based, 4 million on individual plans) have lost their health insurance. I’m sure they find this hilarious, bros.

Last time I checked, laughing at millions of people who got their insurance gutted because you put to paper a bold-faced lie is sort of messed up.