ICYMI: White Swedish Girl Tells College Students She’s Japanese—Lunacy Ensues As They Try To Tell Her That’s Ok

Posted: May 09, 2016 12:00 PM

Remember when Joseph Backholm, director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington State, ventured onto the University of Washington campus and told them that he was a Chinese woman? Remember the idiocy that ensued from these students who went to absurd lengths not to offend him, and tell him that his identity as an Asian woman was fine? Well, that lunacy has gone international. In Sweden, a Swedish woman told students at Södertörn University that she was a 6’6” Japanese man. These students also went to great lengths to avoid saying what is an absolute fact; that this woman is not six-foot, she’s not a man, and she’s not Japanese. Hence, the underlying theme within the world of identity politics: it’s completely detached from reality.

When asked about their reactions if she were to tell them that she’s a man, Japanese, over six-foot, a seven-year old, and someone who plans to re-enroll back into primary school—most of the students seemed fine with it.

“If I say that I am Japanese, what would you say?” asked the woman.

“Uh, I don’t know,” says the student.

“You don’t look Japanese, so to speak. I might ask some questions,” said another.

The woman continues by saying, “You can see me as a man, but you are unsure if I could be Japanese. Why?”

“Yes, not at first.” But if you say you are a man, then I would say OK,” replied one of the interviewees.

Like at the University of Washington, students had a nonchalant attitude towards things are just in keeping with basic facts and reality. You are either over six-foot, or you’re not. There’s not well, if you feel that way, whom am I to judge. That’s nurturing and enabling a detached reality.

Luckily, there was some sense of hope. When pressing folks about being seven years old, which they annoyingly accepted, the woman asks, “if I feel like seven-years old, should I get to date seven-year old boys and girls?”

“There I said no,” said the student. “That you feel seven is one thing, but what you in fact is an entirely different matter.” Alas, pedophilia seems to be the red line, where reality triumphs over so-called identity politics.

At the same time, you still need an avalanche of Advil to get through this nonsensical drivel. How can one have a discussion with a person who thinks it’s okay to accept someone who is male, Asian, prepubescent, and over six-foot? You can’t. It’s sheer idiocy. Biology and ethnic/racial composition are quite concrete things in life and society. If that weren’t the case, then “suspect classes” wouldn’t be a thing to take into account regarding 14th Amendment protections.