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Well, this was bound to happen between the Cruz and Trump camps. One side accusing the other of engaging in dirty tricks to win delegates, while the other prides itself in being a campaign that’s representative of the voter’s choice. That tension spilled over Thursday afternoon when radio host Steve Deace, a Cruz supporter, got into a spat with CNN’s Kayleigh McEnany over the Texas senator’s running the table on Trump in the state conventions and caucus held in Colorado and Wyoming.


McEnany equated Cruz’s campaign maneuvers in those states, specifically Colorado, as something akin to what establishment politicians does to “put their own personal aspirations first.”

Deace wasn’t having any of it. “Seriously, do you have any integrity at all?” he asked. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin chimed in to remind Deace to keep it professional.

“I am keeping it professional, responded Deace. “She’s the one that’s lying.

65,000 people voted in Colorado at this thing called a caucus, called an election. There has been no voter-less elections. Every delegate has been elected, including the delegates unbound Donald Trump got in Pennsylvania the other night. This is the biggest lie and the biggest scam from a guy that’s lied repeatedly throughout this entire campaign–whose campaign is built on a lie.”


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