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Good News: Women and Senior Citizens Still Lining Up For Firearms And Training Courses

Last year was a record for gun sales, which also led to the creation of over 20,000 jobs. Moreover, women and seniors are continuing to line up for firearm training courses and purchases of their own. In North Carolina, one sports shop has benefitted from the recent spike, adding 15 new jobs, while noticing that female shooters are its fastest growing demographic concerning sales. In all, since 2008, jobs in the gun industry have risen 73 percent (Via WNCT):


Since 2008, gun industry jobs have increased 73-percent.

North Carolina is one of the top-7 states for this growth. That’s something Neuse Sport Shop in Kinston can attest to. Gun sales there have doubled just since last year.

President and CEO Russell Rhodes says they’ve hired an additional 15 employees to meet this demand.

“That’s 15 families that are being supported here in this community. Lenoir County is a tier-one community, so add 15 families being supported by that growth of industry, it’s got to be a positive thing for the community,” Rhodes said.

The fastest growing segments in the market are gun owners with concealed carry permits and women.

Rhodes says the shop’s fastest growing demographic is female shooters.

“We have a group that meets here one Monday per month called the Well-Armed Women, and that group has grown so big that we’re going to have to have two nights of that in the near future,” Rhodes said.

Now, ladies night isn’t just the only thing that’s getting more attention concerning firearms. Remember when Cortney wrote about how senior citizens are packing heat, well, they now have their own special night of their own concerning firearms training. That’s what Frontier Justice in Lee’s Summit, Missouri recently offered to its senior gun owners (KSHB Kansas City):

According to the National Rifle Association, more than 22,000 people took basic firearm classes across the country last year. The number of students represents a 300 percent increase from the amount taking gun classes in 2011.

To keep up with demand, the Frontier Justice gun store in Lee’s Summit is now offering a seniors-only basic firearm class starting in May.

“We try to get people into what they feel comfortable using, having in their home, and what they can easily operate in an emergency situation,” explained Frontier Justice President Bren Brown.

Experts say more senior citizens are likely buying guns as a result of crimes targeting them. Seniors are often targeted for home invasions, muggings and robberies. Thieves may also target older people since they usually put up less of a fight than a younger person.

“[Senior customers] are thinking about home protection,” said Brown. “They're feeling vulnerable because of stories about break-ins into senior citizen homes and mass shootings like San Bernardino.”


Nothing wrong with that.


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