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Well, it appears that precious snowflakes ruining educational institutions with their toxic progressivism isn’t just an American problem; our cousins across the pond seem to have equally soft, and idiotic, students running amok in their institutions as well. At Edinburgh University, 22-year-old Imogen Wilson received a complaint that she violated the cupcake guidelines to authoritarianism school’s safe space regulations because of inappropriate hand gestures. No, she didn’t give the middle finger, though I wouldn’t blame her for doing so in this instance; she simply raised her hand while questioning her school's possible involvement in the virulently anti-Semitic (and anti-Israel) Boycott, Disinvestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) at a student council meeting. Wilson is the vice president for academic affairs for the Edinburgh University Students’ Association, according to the Telegraph. What transpired afterwards was nothing short of madness, with complaints being lobbed at her for simply shaking her head in disagreement (via Telegraph):


Ms Wilson, 22, was subject to a “safe space complaint” over her supposedly “inappropriate hand gestures” during a student council meeting.

According to the association’s rules, student council meetings should be held in a “safe space environment”, defined as “a space which is welcoming and safe and includes the prohibition of discriminatory language and actions”.

This includes “refraining from hand gestures which denote disagreement”, or “in any other way indicating disagreement with a point or points being made”.

“Disagreements should only be evident through the normal course of debate,” it says.

Ms Wilson said she raised her arms in disagreement after being accused by another speaker of failing to respond to an open letter, despite in fact having made efforts to contact the letter’s authors.

A complaint was made against Ms Wilson, who was then subjected to a vote on whether she should be removed from the room.

Although the vote went in her favour, with 18 people voting to remove her and 33 voting for her to be allowed to remain, she was later threatened with another complaint after shaking her head while someone was speaking.


She said: “At that meeting we were discussing BDS, the movement to boycott Israel. I made a long and passionate speech against us subscribing to this, on the basis it encourages anti-Semitism on campus. It was only after I made that speech that someone made a safe space complaint. I can’t help but think it was a political move against me.


Oh, it was definitely political, Ms. Wilson. Anything that goes against the progressive ethos is an act of triggering that sends members of the far left into an emotional frenzy that’s hilarious, entertaining, but also annoyingly tragicomic. It’s a dangerous cocktail that could place anyone in the crosshairs of harassment for simply holding opinions that are (gasp!) different. Oh, and the school did pass a policy that supports BDS, according to Wilson’s Twitter account. I say, keep fighting the good fight in Edinburgh, Wilson. Or shall we call it Oceania?

Over here, we're still dealing with liberal college students having conniption fits over chalk.

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