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Well, what happened at Emory University seems to have been exported to the University of Kansas; the horrible Trump chalkings have triggered students, with some demanding that the administration do something about it. According to Campus Reform, some students compared writing pro-Trump slogans in chalk to the Confederate flag. Hurry precious snowflakes! To the safe space! (Via Campus Reform):


KU students took to Twitter this week to express their outrage over the political speech, saying they are troubled that some of their classmates are Trump supporters, and even comparing the chalk messages to the confederate flag.

“The issue is folks in the KU vicinity support a racist, sexist demagogue.”

The university said that they would have allowed students to chalk had they applied for approval, but allegedly had staff remove the unapproved chalking the day it was discovered.

Former student senator Shegufta Huma, however, argued that approval from the University is less important than the message itself, tweeting a photo of one chalking with the caption, “Is this the post-racial paradise folks pretend exists?”

“The issue isn't whether a student chalked or if it was approved,” Huma tweeted later. “The issue is folks in the KU vicinity support a racist, sexist demagogue.”

Yeah, you’re going to have to wear some big boy pants, suck it up, and get through your day because its just chalk–and it’s clearly an exercise of someone’s First Amendment rights. Second, this could be troll bait. Someone sees the Emory fiasco, and tries to poke the bear at KU; it’s an all too common scenario. Nevertheless, this isn’t a racist incident, nor is it a sexist incident. College students need to understand that there will be folks who hold different opinions. That’s life–deal with it. What happened at KU and Emory isn’t alien, it’s an exercise of one of our oldest civil rights. Muzzling free speech under the guise of diversity isn’t liberalism; it’s authoritarianism. Hold a rally, write an op-ed, volunteer for the Clinton or Sanders campaign; there are many outlets for you to respond in kind to something that gives you that sense of urgency to get politically active. Lastly, KU made a point that this could’ve been done by someone who doesn’t go to the school. It’s chalk–you’ll survive. We’ll all survive.


Mediaite noted that black advocacy group Rock Chalk Invisible Hawks isn't happy about this either


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