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Rubio Slams Obama On Guns, Says He Would ‘Confiscate Every Gun In America’ If He Could

As the Second Amendment became a topic of discussion during the sixth Republican debate in Charleston, South Carolina, Sen. Marco Rubio had some strong words about President Obama’s gun control agenda, specifically his feelings that if the president thought he could confiscate people’s legal guns, he would do it.


Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto pressed him to offer evidence to support that position, where the senator cited then-Senator Obama describing conservative as bitter people who cling to their guns and religion. To Rubio, that was a giant red flag as to where Obama was heading on this particular issue.

“This president, every chance he has ever gotten, has tried to undermine the Second Amendment,” he said.

He also made one thing explicitly clear. He’s going to be a defender for gun rights saying, “The Second Amendment is not an option. It is not a suggestion. It's a constitutional right.”

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