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Horror: Terrorist Attacks Israeli Bus Station, Leaves One Dead and 10 Wounded

The wave of violence that’s embroiled Israel escalated this weekend when an Arab terrorist attacked a bus station, killing an Israeli soldier and wounding 10 others. Fox News  reported that out of the 10 people wounded, five were police officers. The attacker was shot and killed, while another Eritrean person was accidentally shot by Israeli police who mistook him for the attacker:

Horrifying raw footage of Palestinian shooting attack in Israe...

BREAKING VIDEO: Horrifying closed-circuit footage of the Palestinian terror attack in an Israeli bus station today. The mass casualty shooting attack in Be'er Sheva ended with 2 Israelis dead and 7 wounded. The Palestinian wave of terror continues. But the world is silent. The media ignores Israeli deaths. It's up to us to spread the truth. ----> Israel needs your support right now. Add your name at -- and demand the world take action against Palestinian terror.

Posted by The Israel Project on Sunday, October 18, 2015

An armed Arab terrorist killed one and wounded several others after entering a bus station in southern Israel on Sunday, police told the Jerusalem Post.

Israeli police said the attacker shot and stabbed people in the bus terminal in Beersheba just after 7:30 p.m., according to the Times of Israel.

An Israeli man was killed in the assault and 10 other people, including five police officers, were wounded to varying degrees, police said.

Yoram Halevy, a police commander in southern Israel, told reporters that in addition to the knife and gun the attacker entered with, he also snatched a weapon from the soldier he killed.

The attacker, whose identity was not immediately known, was shot and killed.

A foreigner was shot by police during the attack after they apparently mistook him for an assailant. Halevy said security forces responding to the attack entered the bus station from another area and saw a "foreign national," shooting and wounding him.

Israeli media said the foreigner was an Eritrean national living in Israel.


The violence being inflicted upon innocent Israelis from radical Palestinians saw Israel deploy soldiers across the country to support the police. While this may appear an evolution in the methods regarding such horrific attacks since firearms were used, it should be noted that an Israeli couple was  murdered by gunfire in front of their four children near the Israeli settlement of Neria in the West Bank. Hamas issued a statement of support regarding the attack.

ABC News  noted that barricades and walls have been erected to separate the Arab and Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem.

Guy also reported on another brutal attack at a bus stop, where a Palestinian terrorist rammed into the stop and hacked to death a rabbi with a meat cleaver. He was shot and killed by police.

Given the rise in violence, the Israeli government eased restrictions regarding the issuance of firearm permits.

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