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Video: Gov. Rick Perry At RedState Gathering

Former Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry made an appearance at RedState Gathering in Atlanta, Georgia, where he spoke for almost 30 minutes, opening with remarks about Abraham Lincoln. He also added that, like Lincoln, we have another president from Illinois, though that’s where those similarities end.


"We've had 6 and a half years of a pretty good talker," Perry said describing President Obama. “He has become our nation's chief cynic," he added.

He also discussed how America is not where it should be regarding its defense, its economy, and its social safety net. Gov. Perry noted that size of our debt and deficits as of late are nothing more than “insane,” but also said that economic growth, just just for the one percent, is what we should continue to advocate in order to get back on track.

On education, he said as governor, his state wasn’t necessarily a disaster, but he took Texas from number 27 in high school graduation rates to number 2 without instituting Common Core. He also mentioned how no one gave him an instruction manual on how to secure the border, or assist victims of Hurricane Katrina ten years ago, highlighting his record of leadership as Texas’ chief executive.

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