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Armed Girlfriend Sends Would-Be Robbers Fleeing

UPDATEThis attempted robbery occurred in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. You can listen to Coetzee’s interview on the local radio here.


This is an insanely creepy video, but one that blessedly has a good ending. It begins when Craven Coetzee’s cats hear a noise emanating from another room in his house. Coetzee has a security camera system recording the entire event. Three men, one armed with a knife, are seen entering what appears to be his kitchen. It’s apparent that these men have intended to burgle his home.


Coetzee is seen fast asleep as the men begin to make their way to the bedrooms, but for some reason, they turnaround and head back downstairs. The men appear back in the kitchen, one holding electrical cable, which Coetzee assumes is to tie them up (the video footage has no audio, so he added text to explain certain parts of the home camera footage in further detail). Another man is holding his girlfriend’s bag.

Some time later, Coetzee’s girlfriend must have heard them, spotted them, and fired two shots, which sent them fleeing out the window from which they broke into the home.

The tail end of the footage shows Coetzee waking to his girlfriend’s gunshots, and inspecting the rest of the home as she stands guard. He was also armed with a handgun.

So, another point scored for law-abiding citizens and the Second Amendment, though this whole situation could have taken a more tragic turn.

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