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Flashback: One Year Ago ...

A year ago today, the Townhall crew -- The best political team (not on TV) -- was in Minnesota, awaiting the start of the RNC convention. 

At the time, protesters were expected to be an issue -- and Hurricane Gustav was barreling down on New Orleans.  (Disaster was averted when Gustav didn't turn out to be Katrina II -- and when the hurricane provided an excuse for President Bush to skip his convention speech.) 

Neither protesters, nor hurricanes, nor President Bush mattered that week, as the convention was a huge success.  I think the lesson was that the things worth fearing are not the things we expect may harm us, but rather the unknown things lurking...

The week, of course, included the first left-wing attacks on Sarah Palin, as well as an absolutely amazing convention speech delivered by Palin.  It was, no doubt, the highlight of the entire campaign.

This should serve as a quick reminder of what things were like just one year ago ...

By the end of September, the narrative had completely changed and everyone was talking about the bailout.  They say "August is the cruelest month," but I say, "wake me up when September ends" ...

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