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Major Shakeup for Kay Bailey Hutchison Campaign

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who has gone from a 23 point lead to a double-digit deficit in her campaign to oust Texas Republican governor Rick Perry, has had a
major shakeup within her campaign.

The campaign -- in what could be a sign of being in trouble -- has switched campaign managers.  The real problem, of course, is that Senator Hutchison's campaign continues to sputter without a message.

Sullivan, the new guy to head the campaign, said “It’s going to be fun to kick Rick Perry’s record around for the next seven months." At this point, however, voters in Texas don't appear to be upset with Perry's record ... at least, not judging by polls that show him up 46-36.

The National Review and CATO Institute have given Perry high marks for his fiscal leadership.
Another issue Senator Hutchison faces is she is obviously in DC -- and her campaign staff is also made up of operatives outside of Texas...a point Perry's campaign will surely hit on as it has successfully made Washington D.C. a target in this Texas race.

By being in the race, she is causing others in Texas heartburn when it comes to raising money -- and if things go badly in November -- she could be seen as the reason Texas went blue. That's not the legacy she is going to want to be saddled with.

Exit question ... if the polling numbers continue to go south -- and she continues having problems raising money -- will her campaign even make to next March's primary?

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